Texas Grass Supplier

Even though we don’t install the grasses we grow and sell, at Tip’s Turf, we have a considerable amount of experience cultivating Texas turf grass. We primarily offer Tifway 419 Bermuda, Raleigh St. Augustine, and El Toro Zoysia Grasses as a premier Texas grass supplier, although there are other types of carpet grass that we can obtain for our customers if need be from other grass farms. Tip’s Turf will deliver freshly cut yard grass only hours after it has been harvested. Additionally our turf grass is cultivated in some of the richest soil in Texas. Our carpet grass is always free of weeds. No other grass farm offers a better quality of sod. Usually, we primarily sell our carpet grass to residential homeowners and commercial landscapers, although our grasses are also available to anyone who wants the finest quality turf grass.

As a Texas grass supplier, we can guarantee our customers the freshest yard grass that is available. Our yard grass will ensure our customers have the beautiful and full lawns that they want and deserve. At Tip’s Turf, we will meet or exceed the requirements of any residential or commercial need as are the best supplier of yard grass available in the state of Texas. No other turf grass farm has a better quality of weed free, fresh cut grass.

Although, usually, Tip’s Turf is a Texas grass supplier of yard grass by the pallet, we also offer rolls of sod if required. We can deliver as much as 8,100 square feet of yard grass in one delivery to locations in central Texas. We can also provide half pallets and individual pieces of sod. In addition to large pallets of sod that hold 500 square feet of sod, we also offer smaller pallets of sod that only hold 450 square feet of sod. We can provide the yard grass that you require regardless if you are a homeowner who needs a few pallets or even a few pieces of sod or a new construction landscaper who needs carpet grass every day or only once a month. Tip’s Turf will deliver turf grass that will meet any of our customer’s requirements.

Our turf grass is also available for self-pickup. All of our sod is cut to order. Since we don’t sell precut yard grass and all sod orders must be placed well ahead of time. Regardless if the customer picks up the sod or not, after our sod is cut we consider it sold and it must be paid for.

We will accept MasterCard, Visa, local area checks, and cash at Tip’s Turf. There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks. All returned checks will be provided to the Caldwell County District Attorney’s Office unless other payment arrangements are made.

Contact us today for all your central Texas and Austin area’s turf grass needs. We look forward to hearing from you!